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Fern Co.

Regenerative agriculture, caring for our soils 
Local vegetables Fern Co.

With a mission to restore our land and the valuable nutrients the soils can provide, Fern Co. was created. Our goal is to continuously improve on regenerative and no-till methods on our farm in order to provide surrounding communities with nourishing produce. We offer a variety of high-quality vegetables and herbs sold through our CSA program, online store, or at the local farmer's market in Hamilton.   

Fern Lane, Stevensville, Montana  |   978-844-4504   |

Fresh local vegetable boxes prepared for you weekly! Our Summer CSA program runs from June 9 - October 6. Boxes can be picked up at a designated location (to be announced in May) closest to you (Hamilton, Stevensville, or Florence). For more information, click on "Register Now" below.

Did you know that you can now purchase Fern Co. produce 5 days per week at our very own farm store in downtown Stevensville? Well, you can! You'll even be able to pre-order online for fast pick-up.

Coming this May, you will be able to purchase a wide variety of local produce, grocery, meat, dairy, eggs and crafts at the address below:

101 Church St. Stevensville, MT

The Sour Doe Cafe!.jpg

Hamilton Farmer's Market 2022

Saturdays, 9:00am - 12:30pm

May 7th - October 29th

Come find us at the market and get an opportunity to meet your local farmers! Our standing is located the corner of S 3rd St. & Bedford St. in Hamilton, MT.

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