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Fern Co.  

Welcome! Fern Co. is located in the scenic Bitterroot Valley of Montana. Our farm is situated just down the road from the quaint town of Stevensville. Our fields and greenhouse are at the forefront of the beautiful St. Mary peak, nestled in the ponderosas on 10 acres of land.

About Us

Ashlee and Jay met in Bishop, CA on a climbing trip in 2018. Unbeknownst to them at the time, they both shared a similar dream of owning land and developing a farm. Now, they are looking ahead and planning long term goals for their property.


Farm Manager/Owner | Fern Co.
Farm Store Manager/Owner | The Sour Doe 
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My last name is Hayward which means “keeper of the fields”. The Hayward family has been heavily involved in our nation’s agriculture since some of the first settlers came from Europe. One could say that farming is in my family’s blood. My experience in growing food started in the garden with my father as a child. He always had a large vegetable garden that provided our family’s needs throughout the summer and fall seasons. But, his history in farming goes back to his childhood in Western Massachusetts. He was raised on a commercial farm, providing his community with a wide variety of crops, meat and animal products.
Upon college graduation, I was hired as the crop manager on  a 10 acre organic vegetable farm in Massachusetts. Then, I went on to work in the “urban agriculture” startup industry in Boston for a few years until I decided that city life wasn’t for me. I moved to the Bitterroot Valley in 2015 and purchased our farm’s 10 acres in Fall, 2016.


Head Baker/Owner | The Sour Doe
Farmer | Fern Co.
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Raised in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia; I spent my childhood wandering the forest, playing in the dirt, and helping my parents and grandparents in the garden. I've always had a love for plants and nature and a dream to create a life of self-sufficiency by living off of the land. I feel very fortunate to have that dream becoming reality after a long road of multiple careers.

In 2011 I graduated with a degree in Earth & Environmental Science, leading me to a career in geology & exploring much of Canada. In 2017 I graduated with a Bachelor of Education and commenced my new career specializing in middle school education. Currently, I am in the midst of completing a diploma in Holistic Nutrition, with which I will be able to apply my knowledge for health, wellness, and nourishing food to our farm.

Time to embark on our latest journey in the creation of Fern Co.!   

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